How To Optimize Your image SEO on your wordpress website!

An Easy and simple way to improve your Web Design SEO!

Including images in your articles is an essential way to engage the reader. As the saying goes A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the web design SEO world the images that you upload to your website not only strengthen your message to the user but also helps google understand your website content better which inturn improves your ranking. 

But how does google read an image?

Every Image you upload to your website has an Alternative Text and Title section attached to it. When you upload an image to your wordpress website you will be able to set these by clicking and editing your image and changing the text in the corresponding fields. See the Image to the right to see which fields these are. Not only does this improve your rank but it also allows people with visual or certain cognitive disabilities to use your website. Read more here on how to optimize your images.

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